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Company: Noritsu Distributor
Address: For contact information, log in first.
Company profile and activities
Year established: 2010
Number of Employees: 5 - 10 People
Business Type: Manufacturer
Category: Office Supplies
Company Markets: Worldwide
Annual Sales Range: US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Products and Services: Minilab machine, mini labs ,minilab accessories, digital carrier, paper magazine, minilab lens,Photo Processing Lab, supply retail,photofinishing retail,One Hour Photo Lab Supplies,Minilab Supplies,1 hour photo
Company Profile: We export minilab machine, minilab accessories, necessities, minilab spare parts, digital carrier all over the world. We also offer high quality photographic equipments,photo albums,lamination,photo frame with the most competitive price. Please send us an email for more info.

Minilab machine, mini labs ,minilab accessories, digital carrier, paper magazine, minilab lens,Photo Processing Lab, supply retail,photofinishing retail,One Hour Photo Lab Supplies,Minilab Supplies,1 hour photo, mini lab machines,one hour phto,Photo-Finish, D-Carrier, dcarrier, d carrier,Printer Lamps,minilab consumables, negative carrier, minilab necessities ,passport lens,film sleeving material, Automatic Film Sleever,splicing tape, twin check lable, changing bag, film splice tape, inking ribbons,halogen lamp, FUJI FRONTIER ,one hour lab,used mini lab, Photographic supplies , 1-hour lab, used photo finishing machine,used photo developing, photographic machines, Photographic Lab,minilab photo, foto minilab, photographic minilab, paper processor, film processor, photofinishing machine, photographic machine,
digital photo machine, digital photo equipment, photofinish,,developing photofinishing, photo printer, darkroom equipment, twin checker,
negative mask, Fuji, Noritsu, Konica, Agfa, Gretage, Copal, analog lab, digital lab,Photo-finishing Machine, photoprinter, paper cassette,
E-filming,prism,dugao,dips,E-mage,flyimage,lcos,lcos driver,
paper box, dark box,densimeter, photo lab, kodak,
laser unit,laser head, exposure unit , photo laboratories, studio equipment, chemical filter, air filter, turn belt, Twin checker, FILTER CARTRIDGE, FILM PICKER, keyboard sheet, keyboard overlay, key pad, Replenishing Pump, Film Leader Card, Fixed Lens, back print ribbon, Scanner lamp, Hand Photo Cutter, back marker cartridge, convert belt, roller assy,Auto Nega Mask, zoom lens, Mirror Tunnel, Squeegee roller, plastic film, lamination film,color film, laminationg machines,plastic-envelop machine, photographic equipments, photo albums,lamination,photo frame
Contact information
Name: Ms. Wendy Ye
Job title: manager
Department: sales
Contact langauges: English
For contact information or sending a Message please log-in first
Company's Trade leads
:: Sell Splicing tape
:: Sell Convert belt
:: Sell Leader cards for minilab machine
:: Sell Ink ribbon
:: Sell QSS2301/2611 minilab lens
:: Sell Automatic film sleeve loader
:: Sell Tape dispensers
:: Sell Twin Check Dispenser
:: Sell Hand Photo Cutters
:: Sell Keypad
:: Sell 135 Manual Zoom Lens
:: Sell Manual Negative Carrier
:: Sell Gear
:: Sell Scanner lamp
:: Sell Minilab machine and consumables
:: Sell 3011 Negative carrier
:: Sell Mirror tunnel
:: Sell photo finishing machine parts
:: Sell Neccessities for dark room use
:: Sell China made paper magazine
:: Sell Sanyo SH2089 IC
:: Sell Measuring jug
:: Sell Pakon high speed film scanner
:: Sell Changing bag
:: Sell NOZZLE
:: Sell NOZZLE
:: Sell NOZZLE
:: Sell motor driver
:: Sell laser unit
:: Sell heater
:: Sell Paper magazine original new for Noritsu QSS2901/3201/3202/3701
:: Sell squeegee roller
:: Sell Motor driver for QSS2301-4505(20505)
:: Sell film cassette
:: Sell J306325PCB
:: Sell Silver metallic twin checks
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